“World Reset” Sci-Fi Drama (complete)

You do a fantastic job setting your tone even from the opening scenes. Your visual descriptions are stunning and vivid. It built up your world very well and allowed me to see exactly what you wanted me to see, as if the script had already become a movie.
— 2019 Page International Awards Quarter-Finalist
The themes of this film [World Reset] are strong - feminism, violence, truth, war, compassion, and revenge, and this film delivers with heart and entertainment.
— ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest

TV Pilots

“neon butterfly” Sci-fi drama (draft)


Although the world is clearly coming into Chaos [in Infinity], Cytrix sees the infinite possibilities for human life on the next planet ... Lana takes an opposite viewpoint ... and decides to stay on Earth.
— BlueCat Screenplay Competition

“Infinity” Sci-fi Drama (complete)